Kansas City 2003

Arriving in Kansas City

The Chapter ran a pair of day excursions from St. Louis to Kansas City and back just after Valentine's Day. The original intent was to get the Chapter's recently restored coach Silver Larch out on the road for a test, but Silver Larch's incomplete freeze protection system forced us to substitute the coach Mohave. We also brought along the Royal Street to provide an exclusive lounge service. Saturday was cold and overcast while Sunday had us departing in a snow storm, enjoying bright sunshine in Kansas City and returning to the snowstorm in St. Louis. During our 2 hour layover in Kansas City, we enjoyed strolling among the shops and restaurants in the magnificently restored Kansas City Union Station.

Click to enlarge the photos below for more views of our trip. All photos by Rick Sprung and George Rees. Photos copyright of their photographers - all rights reserved.

Photo Gallery

Boarding in St. Louis

Enjoying Breakfast

Royal Street

Kansas City

Kansas City Union Station

Inside KC Union Station

Enjoying the ride in Mohave

Watching the Missouri River

Dinner is Served!

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