Ste Genevieve Special, 2003

The Ste. Genevieve Special roars through Pevely, MO.

Photo by George Rees

The Chapter ran a pair of day excursions from St. Louis to Ste. Genevieve on the first weekend of November, 2003. While the Saturday weather was typical autumn overcast, the Sunday weather was sunshine and 80 degrees. We were joined on board by a welcoming committee from Ste. Genevieve who provided information and answered questions about the town prior to arrival. The train was met with a band and other local, period dignitaries including the King and Queen! Passengers had several hours to explore the town's historical buildings and gift shops before the train whisked them back to an early evening arrival in St. Louis.

Click to enlarge the photos below for more views of our trip. All photos by Rick Sprung and George Rees. Photos copyright of their photographers - all rights reserved.

The route guide for the trip is available here: RouteGuides/Ste Genevieve Special 2003.pdf

Morning in St. Louis

Welcome Aboard!

Who wants breakfast?

The Ste. Genevieve Welcome Committee
The Special crosses Watson Road's Frisco Bridge
Strolling Minstels in Ste. Gen.
Ready to head back
Enjoying Lounge class in the Royal Street
Chapter Coach Silver Larch

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